Moving A Piano: DIY or Hire a Pro? 

Having a beautiful piano in your living space is certainly something inspiring and nice, however, that idea might chance when moving day comes. The moment you decide to move to a new location, hiring a professional and reliable piano moving company is certainly something that you must take into consideration. The weight and the shape of your piano is the biggest reason why you must require the help of professional and skilled piano movers in your area.  

Moving A Piano

Aside from that, the item is difficult to handle, move as well as protect from any potential damage, and it’s quite different from all the furniture and equipment you have in your home. Aside from that fact, your piano is also expensive and it has sentimental value, which is why the last thing that you want to happen is to create damage to your piano during your moving day. Therefore, before it costs you a lot more should you decide to move your piano on your own, then read these moving tips as well as decide if you really need help from reliable and professional piano moving companies. 

Is It Possible to Move a Piano Yourself? 

It’s quite fair to say that you might not be able to deal properly with the weight and size of your piano as well as move it on your own. However, for some reasons, you might also want to avoid hiring a moving company and these costs as well as try to do the moving process on your own. In that particular situation, it’s very important that you prepare carefully and check some tips on how to carefully and safely move a piano on your own. Below, you will be able to learn some of the many things that you have to bear in mind.  

Ask Help from Close Friends and Family Members

This can actually be anybody, but you may want to ask help from anyone who has experienced moving his own piano before. You’ll probably need 4 to 6 people in order to do it properly. But, in case of any emergency instances, it is best that you ask help from more people. 

Carefully Prepare Your Piano

The most important thing that you can do on your own is to pack the legs of your piano separately from its body. Aside from that, you should also consider closing the lid as well as wrapping the body using blankets and bubble wrap in order to protect its body. 

Gather the Equipment Beforehand

During the moving process, you’ll be needing some tools as well as some other equipment in order to properly move the piano. It’s best that you prepare some ropes, furniture dolly, scissors, straps, and some stair rollers if you have stairs in a building or home. These are a lot of piano moving tools and equipment to collect and you might not have these readily stocked in your home. These are also quite expensive to buy so if you want to save money during your move, then it’s definitely best that you choose to hire a professional and highly trained piano movers in Dallas TX.