What Are The Benefits of Using an Asbestos Removal Service Provider?

Do you have an old building that’s already standing for nearly 30 years? If that’s your case, you might encounter some issues with asbestos. Several years ago, asbestos was mainly used in commercial constructions and it was intended to be insulation for covering pipes, ceiling tiles, and blocking noise. Though asbestos is a great insulator, using this could be hazardous for humans since it makes us prone to problematic health conditions. Mesothelioma is one of the dangerous issues that people could have because of asbestos. So, to provide any dangerous instances, it would be best to hire a professional asbestos removal provider. If you’re still not convinced, check out the following benefits below: 

Guarantees your safety and uses the correct equipment 

Once asbestos is disturbed, it can be extremely toxic and if you won’t take proper safety measures, the asbestos fibers might get into the air. If a person breathes in asbestos, it could result in problems like swelling in the neck, hypertension, hoarse breathing, difficulty while swallowing and much more. If you are exposed to asbestos for a long time, it could cause severe health conditions such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Because of this, it would be best to hire an expert company who are skilled about what safety measures to take to remove asbestos. Aside from that, expert providers have high-end tools and equipment and they know about the most recent advancement when it comes to this field. It aids them to complete the job quickly and efficiently. 

 They have the necessary insurance 

For a certified asbestos removal company, they must have public liability insurance to function under the industry. Once anything bad happens in your property, the provider can provide financial reimbursement of the damage done. This can only be made possible once a company owns public liability insurance. 

They provide proper disposal and they efficiently get the job done 

A great asbestos removal provider knows the methods to quickly and efficiently eliminate and dispose of the materials with asbestos. Once you employ a licensed provider, you can return to your usual everyday routine very fast. Since asbestos is a hazardous material, it requires to be disposed of and handled very cautiously. The materials that have asbestos should be properly sealed so that they won’t be spreading in some rooms. Aside from that, such contaminated objects should be disposed of properly. If you employ a professional and reliable company, you will be at ease knowing that they already know what to do as experts. 

They have extensive training and experience 

A trusted and certified company needs to undergo extensive training to get a working license within this field. Only if the company has a working license, they could legally function its business. The training aids the providers to obtain the much-needed skills and knowledge to eliminate asbestos. Aside from that, they learn the means of avoiding it from dusting the asbestos all over your premises. The experience and training of asbestos removal provider work to your benefit. 


Asphalt Parking Lots versus Concrete Parking Lots

Majority of commercial and residential parking lots are finished in either asphalt or concrete paving. Both may come to be cost-effective, but one always comes with more benefits. So, if you are planning to make your parking lots paving or refinish an existing one, you probably think over the benefits of asphalt and concrete for your parking lot paving Seattle WA solutions. To make a better understanding to the two paving methods, let us take a look of the benefits it offers for parking lots. 


Benefits of Concrete Parking Lots 

  • Hot Weather Resistance 

If you are in warmer climate areas, a concrete parking lot seems to be a better choice. An asphalt parking lot will soften and becomes oily during hot weather. This happens is southern and western part of United States where summer season exceeds 100 degrees. During this conditions, dark asphalt pavement can be extremely hot, while lighter color like concrete ones results to lower temperature during summer. 

  • Less Maintenance 

A concrete parking lot has a long lifespan and low maintenance that making it needs joint sealing an annual cleaning only. 

  • More Design Options 

Concrete parking lots come with the variety of colors and texture design options. 

Benefits of Asphalt Parking Lots 

  • Quick Installation 

Asphalt paving for parking lots can be used after laid down just a few days. Concrete one takes up to weeks, however, asphalt one can be ready to use after 2 days depending on the season. 

  • Environment-Friendly 

Asphalt is considered a form of green technology because it is 100% recyclable. An old asphalt can be grind and reused. Asphalt types like porous and permeable help with water drainage. This types can allow water to pass through the pavement into the soil below.  

  • Long Lifespan 

Asphalt can last up to 15-20 years and does not require preventive maintenance, but a little way of maintaining it keeps it looks new. Also, right maintenance can even last asphalt to 20 or more years. In times of replacement, only the top layer is repaved. Only the base and middle layer will be reused and the top layer is the only subject for re-pavement making it affordable and cost-effective in the long run. 

Why asphalt is good paving choice for parking lots in Seattle WA? 

In times that you are in the point of deciding between concrete and asphalt for your parking lot, one of the major things you have to consider is the climate of your location. In colder climates like in Seattle, asphalt is the right choice because: 

  • Concrete is subject to frost heaves during cold climate, immediate maintenance is needed to prevent possible hazards. 
  • Concrete is susceptible to freeze causing it to expand or make contraction. 
  • Weather and temperature changes cause more damage and deterioration to concrete pavements. 
  • Salt that spread on parking lots to melt snow and ice can damage concrete surfaces. 

During cold weathers, asphalt pavement cannot be affected and deteriorate. It is also a good absorber of heat causing snow and ice melt more quickly. This makes it a better option for your parking lots pavements giving you a lot of benefits and solutions for your pavement needs.